Professional Congress Organizer

As a PCO we work with you to turn your ideas into a successful congress.

Whether you need a full conference planned or are only looking for partial services, we can manage every aspect, ensuring customized strategies and solutions, and providing services that respond perfectly to your needs.

The experience we have accumulated in the world of international congresses allows us to manage multi-year projects when creating and organizing congresses, including services such as budgeting, marketing, booking and more. 

We believe the key to success is the building and nurturing of lasting relationships with all those involved in the organization of an outstanding congress. That is why we aim to maintain ongoing partnerships with our clients and suppliers

Our PCO services include:

Conference Planning and Management

Our experienced team can manage every aspect of the organization of your congress anywhere in the world, letting you enjoy all the benefits of a tailored project designed to enrich, engage and inform your attendees.

  • Strategical planning
  • Site sourcing and venue management
  • Liaison with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Management of posters and abstracts
  • Recruitment and coordination of congress staff

Budgeting and Financial

We firmly believe that accurate and transparent financial management is the cornerstone of success for any congress. From a feasibility study to the final reporting on the budget, our team of specialists is committed to understanding how to maximize your ROI.

  • Budget creation and administration
  • Tax and currency management
  • Final budget reporting

Marketing and Communication strategies

Building a strategic marketing plan is essential for the delivery of a successful congress. Our marketing and communications expertise allows us to prepare an early communication plan which will be incorporated into the planning of your event, promoting it to the right target audience with the right tools.

  • Development of a marketing plan
  • Design, print and delivery of promotional material
  • Social media strategy and management
  • On-site media management

Sponsors and Exhibits

We know that a conference represents a valuable business and networking opportunity for both attendees and promoters. That’s why we pay attention not just to the financial aspect, but also to how to build strong relationships  to miximize the best return and to create a continuous quality dialogue among all parties involved.

  • Development of a sponsorship plan
  • Floor plan creation and sponsorship kit
  • Sponsorhips and Exhibition sales and management
  • Sponsor set up, shipping and logistic management
  • Exhibitors support pre-event, on site and post event

Speakers management

Engaging renowned speakers and experts is a keyote factor to deliver an attractive conference program. Once recruited, we take care of each speaker through an ongoing conrespondance and bespoke services. 

  • Ongoing correspondence with speakers, chairs and faculty
  • Travel and accommodation management

Delegates services

We know that the most valuable asset for a conference is its attendees. That’s why our skilled team of event professionals focused on building and maintaining relationships and an ongoing attendees communications. As part of our delegates management we provide a full range of resources to your delegates that will include:

  • Delegates communications pre-event, on-site and post event
  • On-site conference secretariat
  • Accommodation booking services

Post congress management

At BTcongress we don’t forget the importance of a good post congress management. We know that once the last delegate has gone it starts a new phase of our work. Post event management is essential to know what performed greatly and what need to be improved as well as to keep customer loyal for life.

  • Online survey creation and management
  • Final reports creation
  • Creation of short and long term post-event strategies

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updated on Wednesday May 22 2019

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